US Defense Secretary to urge Nato alliance to ditch the ‘cold war playbook’

Defense Secretary Ash Carter (DOD Photo)

Defense Secretary Ash Carter (DOD Photo)

Defense Secretary Ash Carter will urge Nato allies to “dispose of the cold war playbook” during a trip to Europe this week, as the alliance adapts to a new kind of threat from Russia in the east and Islamic State to the south, US officials said.

Carter heads first to Berlin, where he is expected to call for a more muscular global security role from Germany, Europe’s largest economy. Germany remains hesitant to deploy troops abroad, seven decades after the end of the second world war.

“He will encourage Germany, under the firm leadership of the minister of defense, to increase their security role in the world, commensurate with their political and economic weight,” a senior US defense official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Relations between Moscow and the West have plunged to a post-cold war low since Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region. Nato says Russian is still actively providing military support for separatists in eastern Ukraine, despite Moscow’s denials.

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