BREAKING NEWS: North Korea Tests “Hydrogen Bomb”


North Korean officials claimed Wednesday that the reclusive nation had “successfully” tested a hydrogen bomb less than a month after the country’s dictator boasted that the weapon had been developed.

The surprise announcement further complicates efforts to curb the Stalinist nation’s push for a working nuclear arsenal and will almost certainly lead to a push for new sanctions at the United Nations.

The North broadcast the announcement hours after South Korean officials detected an “artificial earthquake” near North Korea’s main nuclear test site.

The U.S. Geological Survey measured the magnitude of the seismic activity at 5.1 on its website. An official from the Korea Metrological Administration, South Korea’s weather agency, said it believed the earthquake was caused artificially based on their analysis of the seismic waves and that it originated 30 miles north of Kilju, the northeastern area where North Korea’s main nuclear test site is located. The country conducted all three previous atomic detonations there, including its most recent nuclear test in February 2013.


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USGS Earthquake measurements here.

Punggye-ri has previously been used to conduct underground nuclear tests