Russia possibly mapping underwater internet cables in Mediterranean

russian-ship-yantarApproximately one year ago, the Russian navy caused quite a stir by hanging around internet cables in the Atlantic for some period of time.

The accusation was the Russians were mapping the cables in order to be able to sever them in times of conflict.

The Russian fleet in the Mediterranean seems to be doing the same thing this week over cables off the Syrian coast. writes, “Author and military analyst H.I. Sutton is one of several observers who have noted the unusual activity of a suspected Russian survey ship, the Yantar, in waters between Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey in recent weeks.

It’s reported positions have been coinciding with the tracks of three major undersea fibre-optic cables. Mr Sutton’s blog suggests the extremely slow speed and frequent stopping of the ship suggest it could be deploying a submersible to the sea floor.”

If internet cables were severed that were supporting Western information flow, this could cause great economic disruption and take a very long time to repair, especially in time of war.

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